Kyle Frazer

Kyle Frazer

Multimedia Journalist with a specific interest in Politics and Current Affairs. Proficient in Public Affairs, Media Law and crafting engaging and interactive journalism for digital audiences. Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and utilising Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Open Media, Dalet and Cinegy. I’m passionate about fostering collaborative workspaces and leveraging interpersonal skills to drive team objectives. Detail-oriented, personable and dedicated to producing impactful journalism while thriving in a fast-paced, dynamic and audience focussed newsroom.

About Me

I'm a Multimedia Journalist based between Belfast and London. I've recently qualified through the completion of my NCTJ-accredited News Diploma. I studied Politics at both Northumbria University and Queen's University Belfast and with more newsroom exposure, eventually have ambitions to specialise as Politics Correspondent. I'm also interested in Environment reporting and have a strong interest in Transport and Infrastructure related stories. I interned on the Biden Harris Presidential Campaign in 2020 and in 2022 was awarded the NCTJ's Journalism Diversity Fund scholarship to support my training.

How I Work

With my work, I am passionate about explaining complex issues in an approachable tone that allows my work to benefit expert and non-expert audiences alike. News and current affairs and all too often Politics can be complicated and disenfranchising for audiences. My belief is that the news should be accessible to everyone and I take pride in my ability to facilitate discussion and to promote learning within my work. I have strong writing and broadcasting skills and I'm keen to progress these skills further. As a digital native, I'm passionate about using interactive assets and analytics tools to shape fresh and innovative journalism.


I have a wealth of experience in Digital and Broadcast Journalism spaces. I'm experienced in writing news reports and features and have experience in TV and Radio production. I am currently working on a freelance basis and I'm available to work immediately with any publication or broadcaster. I have experience as a booking producer and as a platform researcher and I'm also available for these shifts on a freelance basis. Whilst I am currently freelancing, I am always open to having a conversation on long-term and contracted assignments. If you're an Editor who would like to work with me, please get in touch.

My Articles

The Road to Helsinki

Finland has become the 31st member to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) marking a significant change to their foreign policy.

Helsinki has had a longstanding policy of neutrality on war and conflict. But, joining NATO signals a strengthened commitment to multilateral cooperation where Finland is preparing to work with other countries on military affairs.

The Finnish President, Sauli Nannistö NATO membership will influence force in how Finland conducts foreign and security poli

Follow Live: First Minister Humza Yousaf faces Holyrood MSPs ahead of inaugural First Minister Questions (FMQs): – PA Diploma News

The SNP are a disunited party that are united by one common cause and one common problem.

Whoever would go on to win the SNP leadership race may have been keen to progress the case for a second referendum on Independence but with an overflowing in-tray and deep felt party divisions looming at the surface.

As far as campaign commitments go, it’s been a steady start for Mr Yousaf albeit with severe interferences from the public gallery.

The decision to evacuate the gallery is not one that the P

People Power: How Citizens’ Assemblies could fix UK Politics – PA Diploma News

In October 2004 a cross-section of citizens’ were selected in British Columbia to debate whether the electoral system should be reformed. Described as a ‘mini-public’, it was approved by politicians that only citizens would take part as it would be a conflict of interest for them to endorse the model already benefitting them.

In 2008 when the financial crash tanked most of the Western political economy, Ireland was particularly hard hit. But Ireland, for a period, restored political trust throu

House prices down despite recent cost of living peak: – PA Diploma News

The average UK house price was £285,000 in March 2023 according to new government data.

It marks a decrease in the average value since the most recent peak in November 2022 when the average house price was £293,000

Office for National Statistics figures show that the data for March marks a 4.1 per cent increase, or £11,000 from the previous year (March 2022).

House price averages in the nations increased over the last 12 months to £304,000 (4.1%) in England, £214,000 in Wales (4.8%), £185,000

Foodbank use in South London soars, new data reveals: – PA Diploma News

A South London food bank has revealed new data showing the how many families are relying on food parcels in the community.

Lambeth Foodbank Partnership which is managed by The Trussell Trust, has distributed 25,267 emergency food parcels marking a 15 per cent increase since the previous year.

The data reflects a national increase in food bank use as the cost of living crisis continues to impact food inflation

A recent forecast from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has showed that the UK

Oh My Giddy Aunt: dry and witty Stand-Up that will leave you in tears – PA Diploma News

We’ve all got a giddy aunt. The first to greet you at a Christmas party with a pinch of the cheek and announce: “My, haven’t you grown.”

Influenced by your own giddy aunt comes this improvised comedy sketch, taking place on the third Friday of each month in King’s Cross.

A fusion of dry wit and camp cheer, this show has audience participation at its core. Taking place in the snug 2NorthDown venue allows the improvised sketches to feel even more participatory, as the room only holds about 60 pe

Junior Doctors are striking – but will their demands be met? – PA Diploma News

What are the strikes about?

The union representing junior doctors in the NHS are calling for a 35% pay rise, after members voted to take industrial strike action.

The British Medical Association (BMA) are calling for “full pay restoration” in response to a decline in pay since 2008/09.

No pay increase, coupled with overwhelming demand and backlogs, as well as understaffed hospitals, low staff morale and high burnout rates in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to the strike

Sadiq Khan praises Northern Ireland ‘Windsor Framework’ Brexit deal – PA Diploma News

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called today for more pragmatism and a better Brexit deal for Londoners, after Rishi Sunak’s new agreement for Northern Ireland passed unanimously in Parliament.

The statement was made in response to a question from London Assembly Member Sakina Sheikh who asked how the new deal with Europe, known as the ‘Windsor Framework’ would impact Londoners.

Brexit arrangements now mean that Northern Ireland will retain access to the EU Single Market as it is the only land bord

Khan pledges to reform Metropolitan Police following Casey Report: – PA Diploma News

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to reform the Metropolitan Police, following Baroness Louise Casey’s report which found “institutional failings” within the force.

The report reviewed the “standards of behaviour and internal culture of the Metropolitan Police Service” following the rape, abduction and murder of Sarah Everard by serving Met Police officer, Wayne Couzens.

Defining the report as a “watershed moment”, Mr Khan said in his opening address to Mayor’s Questions in City Hall that th

Government launches Science and Technology Framework following £1.6bn in Brexit STEM cuts – PA Diploma News

The Government has outlined a new plan detailing how it will be investing in Science and Technology by 2030.

The plans show how Rishi Sunak’s Government are keen to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), future telecommunications and working closer with UK universities for research and development.

The document contains the departmental goals to make Britain “a global superpower” in Science and Technology.

Newly appointed Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Do

Boris Johnson denies misleading Parliament as Privileges Committee investigation begins: – PA Diploma News

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that any claims that he deliberately misled Parliament are “untrue”.

Mr Johnson was speaking before the Privileges Committee which is investigating whether he misled Parliament when defending his decision to attend parties during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Johnson told the committee he followed the rules and guidance.

The Former PM was issued with a fine following his attendance at a party during the Covid lockdown. This then led to Senior Civi

Essential Journalism - NCTJ 2023 - Battersea Parkrun Consultation

Wandsworth Council have launched a public consultation on whether or not Parkrun should be brought to Battersea Park. If the plans are approved, it would be the second Parkrun for Wandsworth Council who already have a route in Tooting Bec that has been a roaring success since 2016. The consultation would see a 5km route around the proposed pathway starting at Central Avenue and would take place every Saturday morning.

Essential Journalism - NCTJ 2023 - Battersea Parkrun Consultation

Wandsworth Council have launched a public consultation on whether or not Parkrun should be brought to Battersea Park. If the plans are approved, it would be the second Parkrun for Wandsworth Council who already have a route in Tooting Bec that has been a roaring success since 2016. The consultation would see a 5km route around the proposed pathway starting at Central Avenue and would take place every Saturday morning.

PSA: All over-18s in Northern Ireland can now get the coronavirus vaccine

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has this morning announced that the coronavirus vaccine will now be available for all adults aged over 18, becoming the first part of the UK to do so.

The move comes following a successful vaccine roll out across the wider UK. To date, 70 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland have received a first dose of the vaccine, whilst a reported 40 per cent have received both and are fully vaccinated.

This announcement means that most students at universities a

Arlene Foster is to stand down as First Minister of Northern Ireland

Arlene Foster is to stand down as First Minister of Northern Ireland and as leader of the the DUP, the biggest unionist party in the North.

Elected since 2003, Ms. Foster will stand down from her role as DUP leader on May 20th before standing down from her duties as First Minister at the end of June.

In a statement on the party website, Foster said: “It is important to give space over the next few weeks for the Party Officers to make arrangements for the election of a new leader. When elected

Northern Ireland Assembly votes to ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy

It has become the first place in the UK to do so

The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted to abolish LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, making it the first place in the UK to do so.

The bill was presented by UUP MLAs, Doug Beattie and John Stewart who has been a keen advocates for LGBTQ+ rights throughout their careers in politics.

The move to scrap conversion therapy comes after a heated campaign from the Northern Ireland branch of the Ban Conversion Therapy lobbying organisation.

Controversy in the

What are the riots happening in Northern Ireland right now? Everything you need to know

This year, Unionists in Northern Ireland will celebrate the 100th anniversary since its creation. In those years however, tensions between both communities have regularly spilled over and as a result over 3,500 people have died in the Troubles, due to disagreements on whether NI should remain in the UK or join a United Ireland.

Despite a peace process installed in 1998 through the Good Friday Agreement, the fragility of peace has been shown for nearly a week now, with tensions having risen agai

The Tories can't wish us a happy Pride Month with the party's queerphobic past

As we celebrate Pride Month this June, it feels like a kick in the teeth to see political parties like the Conservatives celebrate our freedoms without acknowledging the negative role they’ve played in our history.

In 2021 the movement for queer rights has come so far from the Stonewall riots of 1969, but we need to remember the road which queer liberations have taken and that it has been a rocky path to get to where we are today.

Of course, there is no political party that is perfect for LGBT

Northern Ireland students to get £500 from NI Executive for Covid disruption

The Economy Minister said: “I am acutely aware that students in local higher education institutions have experienced significant disruption since the onset of the pandemic and that this continues to have an impact.

“I am pleased to announce that I have secured £22million from the Executive to fund a one-off discretionary payment of £500 to all students from the UK and EU who are in full time higher education in Northern Ireland, whether that is in a university or further education college setti

Thank you RuPaul's Drag Race: The show that brought LGBTQ+ stories to mainstream TV

It is 12 years since our beloved RuPaul Charles, a maverick behind the global drag revolution, made herstory in series one of RuPaul’s Drag Race. From the get-go, the show never strayed far from its roots of gender-bending queer artistry and flipping the dichotomies of masculinity and femininity.

However, 12 years and a global franchise later, Drag Race is now tethering closer than ever to being a household name. While we all clear our Thursday night schedules to watch the new episode of Drag R

'I lost a lot of friends': What uni during the 1980s AIDS crisis was really like

‘You would be in a nightclub and the police would come in with torches’

It’s A Sin showed us the lives of five young friends in London, exploring their queer identities and the raging AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 32 million people have died to the virus which stems from an initial diagnosis of HIV.

AIDS was dubbed by some at the time as a “gay cancer”, and the crisis happened under the watch of notoriously homophobic Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Queer

Drag Race UK has committed another robbery and these 20 furious tweets prove it

The competition this year is through the roof

Thursday nights throughout lockdown are kind of the only thing many of us have to look forward to after a week of lectures on Microsoft Teams.

With week three showing us that literally no one is safe, we scoured #DragRaceUK Twitter and it seems that following this robbery, nobody is happy.

Whilst everyone still seems to be in agreement (but arguing?) that Drag Race UK is better, these memes will undoubtedly make you feel better following last nigh

The gay shaming on It's A Sin isn't a thing of the past, it's happening to students today

TW: Homophobia and homophobic language; this article also contains spoilers for It’s A Sin

Last Friday, Channel 4 introduced us all to Ritchie Tozer and he stole the hearts of the nation. Across five-part series It’s A Sin we follow the experiences of Ritchie and his friends as young gay men in 1980s London. The story shows love, loss and friendship – but, uniquely, it’s a genuine and accurate portrayal of the AIDS epidemic and what it means to be queer. One of the key things Ritchie has to gra
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